The Best Cushion Basketball Shoes – Buyer’s Guide

An avid basketball player always needs an excellent pair of basketball shoes that can provide better cushioning. When a basketball player is suffering from any foot disorders such as plantar fasciitis, heel spur, fallen or hollow arches then having the best cushion basketball shoes is crucial. Cushioning properties play a very vital role to alleviate any kind of foot difficulties. We have reviewed the absolute best basketball shoes with excellent cushioning and better traction. See our top recommendations here.

As you already know that basketball is always a rigorous game, it puts a ton of stress on foot while a player performs on the court. Every basketball players spend a lot of time finding all the best gears to perform well but don’t care that much about the pair of shoes they wear on the court. This is the biggest mistake that almost every basketball players do.

best cushion basketball shoes

In fact, the pair of shoes is the most important basketball accessory among all. So we want you to take this issue seriously and check the cushioning properties of your shoes. We always recommend wearing the best impact protection basketball shoes. We have spent hours after hours reading different blogs, forums, questions & answers, and watched different videos to present you the most accurate information so that you can easily find the most cushioned basketball shoes within the short time.

Best cushion basketball shoes brands recommendation

The number of brands selling basketball shoes and claiming that their shoes have the most cushioning properties. In the meantime, it’s very confusing to find shoes that are exactly well cushioned.

So we decided to mention some brands name which you can rely on for firm cushioning.

We have dug very deep and read thousands of customer reviews and analyzed their personal experiences, finally found these brands helpful.

most cushioned basketball shoes

Adidas (Boost)

Adidas is the first recommendation because it really deserves to be the first. This manufacturer uses a special type of materials and insoles design to increase cushioning. Boost midsole is used in almost every pair of Adidas basketball shoes which provides excellent cushioning.

Adidas shoes are made with boost foams which unleash endless energy when the foot hits the ground. The improved Adiprene foam provides maximum cushioning for softer landings. So if you need the best cushion basketball shoes then Adidas shoes should be your first option.

If you want to read more details on Adidas specified shoes then visit the link above we have mentioned. We have ranked the most cushioned basketball shoes of Adidas.

Nike (Air Zoom)

Nike is the second best cushion basketball shoes manufacturer we have found. Almost every Nike pair that is made targeting basketball players are well cushioned. Nike uses zoom air cushioning system and tightly stretched tensile fiber.

To produce high-end basketball shoes Nike uses pressurized air unit which made it more unique. The zoom air system provides very bouncy cushioning with excellent energy returns.

So if you have any issues in your foot arch, Nike pair with zoom air system will benefit you a lot. If you want to read more details about Nike basketball shoes, click the link we’ve provided at the very beginning of this article.

Under Armour (Charged Cushioning)

Under Armour uses charged cushioning for better comfort and flexibility. Charged cushioning is a technology introduced by Under Armour.

It’s basically a soft foam technology, a special type of soft foam layer is applied on thick foam on insoles that increase comfort and flexibility significantly.

So Under Armour basketball shoes are recommended as well. Of course, there are some awesome brands out there that provide excellent cushioning and traction but above-mentioned brands are highly recommended.

Player type

Player type is another great factor to consider before buying your next pair of basketball shoes. Now you are thinking, how player type is matter, right? Well, if you are a power player then your shoes will be different than a fast player. We’ve categorized basketball players in three different sections. Your shoes must be different on the basis of these categories.

best basketball shoes for foot pain

Power player

If you are a power player in the court then you should look for the basketball shoes with maximum cushioning and stability. The heavier shoes are going to help you when you jump to shoot or rebound the basketball.

Fast player

If you are a fast player on the court, choose the moderate cushioning pair of basketball shoes with lightweight, moderate stability and simple ankle support. It will help you to be light on the court.

All-rounder player

In case of all-rounder basketball player, you can simply choose shoes with moderate ankle support and cushioning. So you don’t have to worry a lot about it.

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Almost every basketball shoes available in the market nowadays are included in this category. But we want you to check a little bit of heel and ankle support. That’s it, no big deal.

Other factors to consider:

Before you eventually buy the best cushion basketball shoes in 2019, there are some other important factors that you must be careful about.


Traction is another crucial part of the best performance basketball shoes because the cushioning mechanism can’t function alone, it takes help of traction. So buying a pair of basketball shoes with excellent cushioning but without better traction is the waste of money.

We recommend checking both of that carefully. All of our recommended shoes are engineered with better traction and excellent cushioning.

Nike and Adidas shoe outsoles are made with the special type of rubber materials which ensure good traction on the court. Traction is most crucial during hard cuts and quick direction changes.

best traction for narrow feet


It’s another most important factor to consider. In fact, fit or comfort should be the first priority before you buy any kind of shoes. Just think for a while that you’ve bought the best basketball shoes with better arch support, good traction, heel and ankle support and best cushioned as well but it’s not comfortable enough. Will you wear that? No, definitely you won’t. That’s the reason, the fit is a very important issue. We recommend to double check that. if you want to read more about arch support then click here.


Style is the last thing to consider while buying the best cushion basketball shoes. We all know that styling is not going to add any value to our foot on the court.

But honestly, we consider it most before buying any shoes. So we don’t want you to be traped by this. Basketball shoes are not always stylish. So we want you to consider other factors rather than just style.

But don’t get us wrong, definitely, there are some super cool styling pair of basketball shoes in the market that are recommended as well.

Best basketball shoes for narrow feet

If you have very skinny or narrow feet structure then you need a special type of basketball shoes. Narrow footers shoes are shaped in a unique way tha wide footers shoes. So it’s important to understand your foot type. We have reviewed some of the best basketball shoes for narrow feet, so don’t forget to read that. We have a link to that review page at the top of this article.

Best looking basketball shoes

Do you need the best looking basketball shoes in 2019? Then you are most welcome to this article. We have discovered some amazing shoes with gorgeous looking and other benefits as well such as arch support, shock absorption, traction, and excellent cushioning. We highly encourage you to buy such a pair of basketball shoes that look good and benefit on the court. So don’t be trapped by the look alone.

best looking basketball shoes of 2019

So if you are looking for the best cushion basketball shoes or bounciest basketball shoes then don’t forget to read our top ten absolute best basketball shoes review. Our top picks are highly recommended for any healthy feet and foot pain.

You can read more about basketball shoes from

We have tried our very best to present you the effective information so that you can have a clear idea about what kind of basketball shoes you need.

So at this point of the article, if you have any question or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment below. We really appreciate that and try to respond to every single comment. Have a great time. Thank you for being with us.

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