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Can I Wear Steel Toe Shoes with Plantar Fasciitis at my Workplace?

While working in a very demanding workplace you need the best work shoes with the highest foot protection. Wearing a pair of work shoes with election hazard protection, forefoot safety, steel midsole inserts, and the steel toe cap is crucial to defend any unexpected accidents. But the question is “can I wear steel toe shoes with plantar fasciitis at my workplace? Well, we’ve done a bit research on it and found that using the heavyweight steel toe shoes with plantar fasciitis aggravates the condition a lot.

Still, you can use steel toe shoes but the shoes must have lightweight. So while searching for the work sneakers for plantar fasciitis, prioritize the lightweight steel toe shoes. We highly appreciate checking our reviews on the best steel toe work sneakers for plantar fasciitis sufferers.

When to replace my steel toe safety shoes?

Well, it’s important to know how often you should replace your work shoes as a plantar fasciitis sufferer. As you already know that wearing the worn out shoes with plantar fasciitis worsen the condition very badly.

But there is no set mileage for changing your work shoes, it’s somewhere around 1400 miles with average usage. That means you must change your work sneakers once in six months if you wear them on daily basis.

Can I use damaged safety shoes with plantar fasciitis?

Using damaged safety shoes with plantar fasciitis is always self-destructive action. We never suggest using damaged work shoes. According to the prevention magazine- once you have crossed 500 miles, it’s tough to get proper support and cushion from that pair.

A person who walks around 3 times a week for 1 hour each, he must replace the shoes after every 5 months. The shoe lifespan also depends on your body weight, the heavier you are, the fastest your shoes deteriorate.

So if you are average person walks 30 minutes a day, you need to replace your shoes after every 6 months.

can i wear steel toe shoes with plantar fasciitis at my workplace

What are the best steel toe safety shoe brands to trust?

The numbers of brands are selling work safety shoes, many of them provide really good support and better foot protection.

But besides the good brands, there are some low-quality brands out there. They usually produce low-quality shoes with a catchy description.

As a result, you are most likely to get confused and feel indecisive as well.

That’s why we’ve done a bit of research and ranked some good work shoe brands that you can rely on.


Timberland is a popular brand for producing work safety shoes. Almost all of their safety shoes are incorporated with steel toe cap/composite toe box, electrical hazard protection, wide heel basement, soft and comfy midsole, and padded collar.

Furthermore, Timberland shoes are incorporated with the latest features and technologies. In the case of safety, comfort, and longevity, Timberland should be your first priority.

While working on the very hard terrains with plantar fasciitis, you need to look for no further.

We have reviewed the top 15 best work shoes for plantar fasciitis, Timberland pro got the third position there. So you can firmly put your confidence on this brand.


While suffering from plantar fasciitis and looking for the best work safety sneakers, you can’t put caterpillar aside. What we’ve found about Caterpillar in our research that absolutely differentiated our ideas regarding work shoes.

This brand offers lightweight safety shoes with maximum foot protection and comfort as well.

Furthermore, all the work shoes of caterpillar are engineered with cushioning midsole, steel toe boxes, smoother steel midsole inserts, and synthetic outsoles.

Unsupportive pair of shoes even hurt your foot in many ways. So wearing a lightweight and highly cushioned sneaker is crucial as a plantar fasciitis sufferer. Caterpillar shoes can help you a lot.


The breathability and waterproofness have set this brand aside from others. If you are the person who is suffering from foot pain and also searching for the comfortable pair of work shoes then you don’t have to look any further.

We’ve ranked the top 15 best work sneakers for plantar fasciitis sufferers and Keen got the first position in our list. So in case of comfort, flexibility, and safety, Keen is always recommended.

New balance

It’s most likely, you have heard this brand before, as new balance is very famous for producing shoes for the foot pain sufferers.

If you are a plantar fasciitis sufferer, you can firmly rely on this brand for any kind of shoes like walking, running, hiking and others.

The brand also offers work safety shoes for foot pain sufferers who are supposed to work in very demanding work environments.


Looking for the stylish and fashionable pair of work sneakers? If yes then Skechers is the right brand for you.

The brand offers some amazing pair of shoes for workplace safety with a gorgeous look and highest foot protection alike.

While suffering from plantar fasciitis or any other foot issues, we suggest you emphasize on this brand.


When you really care about comfort and safety, the Reebok must be on your radar. The brand produces some super lightweight work safety shoes with a comfortable midsole and EVA cushion footbeds.

Reebok is just another good brand that helps plantar fasciitis sufferers at the workplace.

There are some other good brands out there that are also suggested for foot pain sufferers but these are our top picks that a plantar fasciitis sufferers must emphasize on.

Importance of lightweight safety shoes for plantar fasciitis

Generally, work safety shoes are to be a bit heavy due to the attachment of safety components within the shoes. The heavier work sneakers are good enough for people who work in very rough and demanding work environments.

But as a plantar fasciitis sufferer, your feet are already weak enough to carry a pair of shoes. That’s the reason, you need to find such a pair that offers high safety but has lightweight.

We have found the top 15 work safety sneakers for plantar fasciitis, don’t forget to check that list. We highly appreciate that.

From you can know more about safety shoes for foot pain.

best non slip work shoes for plantar fasciitis sufferers men and women

Can I claim disability for plantar fasciitis?

While suffering from plantar fasciitis, we suggest you visit a licensed foot specialist, if your condition is considered as a legal disability then you can claim disability for plantar fasciitis.

Once you are qualified, you can apply for disability benefits like medical treatments, insurance coverage, and other social security disability benefits. But still, it depends on your physical condition. If you are in such a condition that it’s impossible or difficult for you to carry on your work then write a sick note for plantar fasciitis and take a short break from work.

If you are diagnosed in a situation like you won’t be able to work for the next year then you are most likely to be qualified.

In the united-states, American with Disability Act (or ADA), defines the word “disability” in a legal sense not just as usual medical sense. A mental or physical condition that substantially limits one or more life activity is considered as a disability.

Before claiming your plantar fasciitis as a disability, we suggest consulting your doctor carefully. It’s wise to keep all the documents stored safely with all your visiting records.

can i claim disability for plantar fasciitis

Can I work with plantar fasciitis?

Well, a great question. If you have plantar fasciitis then you must know the answer to this question. The answer depends on the situation, if you are in a chronic condition (severe level), you neither work nor normally move.

But if you are in a primary stage of plantar fasciitis, you can work as you did before. But before going to the workplace with plantar fasciitis, you must wear a supportive pair of work shoes. We highly suggest it, else you may face bigger difficulty in the future.

We have gathered this information from the web and it’s not the legal or medical advice. Having research on workplace safety for plantar fasciitis sufferers we’ve found all this data. We hope that this will help you.

Please tolerate us in case of any mistakes and don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for us. We really appreciate that. Thank you! Let’s head back to for more details about plantar fasciitis.

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