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The 9 Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Brands You Can Count on

While suffering from plantar fasciitis and searching for the best resolution to get rid of this painful condition, you can go with plantar fasciitis sneakers that help to alleviate foot pain significantly. But not all the shoe brands perform equal. We’ve found some brands that really work very well while others play the worst role. So, finding the best shoe brands for foot pain is always confusing and indecisive as well. Hence, we’ve done a bit of research on it and have found 9 absolute best shoe brands for plantar fasciitis that you can trust. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Top 9 best shoe brands for plantar fasciitis sufferers in 2020


Brooks is one of the most popular and the best shoe brands for plantar fasciitis which relieve you from any kind of foot pain, especially heel pain – a serious foot issue for many people. Over the years the company researched the biomechanics — the way the human body moves on the run. We call these “anatomical insights.”

The Brooks shoes are design in such a way that even running miles after miles does not cause any foot pain. “Run Happy” is Brooks motto and provide a huge facilities in running and walking. The brooks shoes are very responsive, good for races.

Its upper is well-made and Fits well. The shoes are made of many parts and every part is designed and shaped to fit well for running comfortable. It is very long lasting and has good cushion. So after running for a long time, the feet will not feel pain.

Therefore, it is one of the most versatile running shoe brand for plantar fasciitis sufferers in the world. We highly recommend the Brooks ghost-11 which has been very popular recently. Read more on brooks walking shoes review here.


New balance has been making shoes for more than decades, keeping its quality highly standard for runners and walkers, especially for foot pain sufferers. The shoes are so perfect that it has occupied the American and European market to a great extent.

It has high energizing cushioning and provides breathable engineered mesh, textile, and synthetic upper materials. It offers smooth fabric lining a great in-shoe feel and has set up Removable foam insole.

Every part of the shoes is made smoothly that even after stumbling, the feet does not get fractured.

It is highly durable. Its ventilation is excellent. Thus you can run hours after hours without feeling discomfort. New balance has gained a tremendous popularity on shoes making. The new generations have great tendency to use it as it is very gorgeous to look and fit well.

Its design is getting upgraded every year. Almost every shoe has special characteristic, but NEW BALANCE-1080 is being sold greatly nowadays. Read a great resource on new balance shoes for heel pain.


The company is getting changed toward new technology, using super standard foam to give relief from plantar fasciitis.  ASICS Gel Nimbus-21 is an outstanding shoe. It is highly suitable for running and racing.

There are three kinds of foams set up in different level to facilitate running. The shoes are highly recommended for the runners and racers. It is superbly long last. Its design is eye catching.

It has used Gel technology which gives you wonderful cushion in the shoe. Its sole is very fit to run for a long time. It is Ultra-lightweight, but effective, cushioning and bouncy. It provides exceptional shock absorption at a lighter weight.

One of the best characteristics is that it accommodates your foot’s natural movement and Supply smooth support and structure. It also reduces the risk of rubbing and increases air flow.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 21 is gaining its ground in the shoes market, satisfying young generations.


Mizuno is an outstanding shoe brand which offers multifarious facilities. The visual aspect of the Mizuno sneakers is highly appreciated by a number of runners.

Many consumers are buying this shoe for different types of activities such as running racing and exercising.

Behind making this shoe, the company applied huge technology and concept to get rid of foot pain. The shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and well fitted also hold your feet tight while running, and the spring of the shoes helps to next steps. Many athletes highly lauded Mizuno shoes for its comfortable running.

It’s now also more lightweight than its previous weight. The upper unit of Mizuno wave rider-22 uses textile fabrics that ensure a secure and anatomically accommodating fit.

Air can enter the foot-chamber quickly for it has breathable nature of these fabrics. Mizuno Wave Rider 22 has contained almost all the feature, keeping the highest selling recently.


Surely, Gravity Defyer is one of the most leading shoe company with high technology. People having terrible heel pain are now hugely using gravity defyer shoes for walking or running.

Gravity Defyer shoes are made from a silicone-based, non-toxic material that is hypoallergenic, very flexible, waterproof and easy-to-clean.

The shoes of G-Defyer come with removable insoles and very comfortable cushion. They have front rocker sole with a supported midfoot to prevent and relieve arch pain.

The brand offers Seamless interior for sensitive feet and diabetic neuropathy to prevent irritation.

The company also offers roomier toe design which help to run without having any toe hurt.  There is a huge capacity to enter the air so that seating in the feet does not happen.

The shoes are very cool to look and have different color and design which highly attract the consumers. It absorbs harmful shocks that you may possess daily basis. It feels super cushioning while walking.

In our research, we’ve also found that Gravity Defyer is one of the best women’s dress shoe brands for plantar fasciitis.


Recently, Saucony has drawn many attentions to the shoe lovers. Many persons are grateful to use Saucony shoes which get you rid of plantar fasciitis.

Its outer look is very attractive and inner things are very high quality. Its soft, breathable fabric lining offers a great in-shoe feel.

While talking about Saucony we should mention Saucony-guide ISO-2. The shoes has removable, molded foam insole which helps run comfortably. Its midsole compound is highly standard which facilitates running.

Its TRI-FLEX outsole configuration offers improved ground contact for a better ride. The weight of footwear is very light. The shoe offers good stability, the seamless on the toes and the laces, over the nylon that slip and become untied, is wonderful.

For its outstanding features, Saucony-guide ISO-2 has been a top pick for lightweight, low-drop running shoes. The shoes are a good match for anyone who wants versatility, and they’re a solid choice for anyone. Over the years, Saucony has released new versions.

Every year they are upgrading and replacing pieces with the latest and greatest shoe technology. Some models received more fanfare than others such as Saucony-guide ISO 2. Saucony is also well-known for the best shoes for bad feet and knees.


Hoka is one of the best shoe brands for plantar fasciitis. While looking for firm and soft cushioning sneakers then you can’t put Hoka shoes aside. The shoes are highly recommended for those who runs, practice and exercise regularly.

We recommend Hoka one-one bondi-6. People mostly laud the cushioning capacity of it. It is very excellent in returning energy to the foot. People suffering from plantar fasciitis choose the Hoka shoes without hesitation.

The breathability of the upper unit is superb. They are wonderful to look at and designed to draw rapt attention to the consumers.

There are some incredible colors and the runners are very happy to get. A Soft EVA Midsole serves as the cushioning unit of the Bondi-6.

This foam has a substantial thickness because it graces the most cushioned shoe in Hoka One One’s stable. The upper unit of the Hoka One-One Bondi-6 makes use of engineered mesh.

Its redesigned rubber outsole reduces weight while optimizing durability. The shoe is very high performing and long lasting. The shoe is very much fitting to the feet and very comfortable to run or walk.

Now this shoe is in great demand for exerciser, runner, and morning walker. So, while searching for the best running shoe brand for plantar fasciits then you can rely on Hoka.

We’ve another resourceful reviews of Hoka shoes for foot pain sufferers, check it now.


Vionic shoes are one of the best option for women. It has multifarious design and color which are very engaging to look. It has great mechanism to release the pain of toe.

Women who are suffering from plantar fasciitis prefer it without any doubt. Vionic technology helps correct alignment from the ground up. The shoes elevated support technology gives you comfort and style in our wedges and heels.

Vionic shoes benefit foot pain sufferers from the expertise of some of the finest minds in health and lower limb biomechanics. Vionic womens kona fitness shoe fits well with every dress.

It has beautiful design, classic styling, simple and straightforward – dress it up or wear it with jeans.

Each year the product is getting better with new technology and thought. It is incredibly long lasting, flawless and comfortable to wear.

It has great color combination making it more outstanding than its predecessors. The inner and outer sole are very strong to last long.


Orthfeet shoes provide the best footwear solution, the consumers are very glad to see their plantar fasciitis has removed to a great extent they opined that they have made able to walk again without pain.

We highly recommend Orthofeet orthopedic diabetic walking shoes for plantar fasciitis sufferers. These shoes feature orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support and multiple cushioning layers that improve foot and leg alignment, enhancing comfort and helping ease pain on the heel.

The company has applied huge technology to develop a new shoe which will help to run for a long time without feeling any pain. Orthofeet shoes are highly recommended to all kinds of people, especially the young generally.

Orthofeet has gained tremendous fame for its high performing shoes. With color variations, the shoe has caught a lot of attentions to the people. Its upper is well-made and Fits well.

The shoes are made of many parts and every part is designed and shaped to fit well for running comfortable. For its consistent service to the consumers, it has proven its high quality behind the manufactures.

best running shoe brands for heel pain

In the end,

While fighting with foot pain and desperately seeking for the best sneakers that alleviate the pain like magic then you can trust on above brands and shoes. These are the absolute best shoe brands for plantar fasciitis in the market right now. If you still would like to read more about it then visit

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