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We’ve created this blog to help the people who suffer from plantar fascia inflammation and looking for the best plantar fasciitis shoes to get rid of this problem. Here on our blog, you will find top recommendations and best reviews of plantar fasciitis shoes.

Our mission

Millions of people around the world suffer from extreme heel pain (known as plantar fasciitis). This problem is increasing day by day, especially among women. Ladies suffer by this during their pregnancy and mostly suffer overweight women. If you spend most of your time sitting then you are also at high risk of getting affected by plantar fasciitis. But fortunately, there are some effective ways to heal this problem if you are in the early stage of plantar fasciitis. So our mission is to provide you the proper info and proven methods that heal plantar fasciitis even you are in serious condition. Hope our hard work will help you.


Plantar fasciitis can’t be cured overnight or even in a month or two. But don’t worry, if you follow some regular tips you can definitely get rid of this. There are some recommended regular basis exercises that help a lot, such as towel stretch, wall stretch, ice therapy, and slant board stretch.

Changing your shoes

Investing a little bit of money in a proper pair of shoes is highly recommended. The best plantar fasciitis shoes always ensure the proper support to your arch and other portions of your foot as these shoes are made for this very purpose. So if you are really serious about it, there is no alternate of the right pair of shoes. So change your shoes as quickly as possible.

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