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A Step By Step Guide on Plantar Fasciitis Taping Methods

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most irritating and painful conditions suffered by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. It’s basically the strain or inflammation of ligament (plantar fascia), a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone with toes thus, it stabilizes the foot arch and helps us to walk. The pain is usually more severe in the morning while taking your first steps out of bed. Besides, all other treatments of this painful condition, plantar fasciitis taping is a very effective way to accelerate the healing process and also it gives instant pain relief.

While suffering from plantar fasciitis, the feet lose its natural alignment and also become weak enough to carry the body weight. If the sufferers don’t take any corrective actions timely then the condition goes even out of control, eventually, many of the sufferers end up with serious foot surgery.

So before you face any serious foot difficulty, it’s crucial to take proper treatments. Using a supportive pair of shoes also helps to mitigate the pain and ensure comfortable steps.

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Does taping help plantar fasciitis?

Affected foot loses its stability and natural shape as well, that’s where the plantar fasciitis taping treatments come in. While applying zinc oxide tape on injured foot, the tape facilitates the foot muscle to ensure natural foot alignment and thus, it stabilizes the joints and arches of the feet. So yes, taping job for plantar fasciitis worth trying.

kinosiology taping benefits for heel pain

Unfortunately, applying tape in the wrong way may even aggravate the condition. So you must know proper taping methods for foot pain. If you want to know more about plantar fasciitis taping methods then keep reading to the end. We’ll walk you through the step by step guides and show you the most effective taping technique for plantar fasciitis pain relief.

Plantar fasciitis taping diagram

While applying tapes for heel pain (PF), make sure that both tape and your foot is very clean. Tape should run from the heel to your toes. The plantar fasciitis taping, sometimes called low-dye taping, must be applied along with the plantar fascia tissue. For your better understanding, see the diagram below.

kt tape for plantar fasciitis

How to tape your own foot for plantar fasciitis?

If this is the first time applying tape for foot pain then you are most likely to mess it up. So, what we suggest is to get it done (1/2 time) by a professional therapist then you are good to go. Yet, let me try to make it easier for you.

Before, you apply any tape (kinesiology tape, rock tape, or sports tape), clean the skin you want to apply on. In some cases, lotion, oils, suns-cream, or even sweat can diminish the tape’s adhesive ability. Hence, the tape may peel off of the skin. Furthermore, body hair could be another issue of peeling off.

  • Cut off tape’s corner

Before you apply the tape, make the corner round shape, otherwise this corner will be the starting point of peeling off, eventually, you have to apply new tape in every couple of hours.

  • Paper layer

Before you take off the paper layer from the tape, it’s important to leave some paper layer on both ends so that the adhesive ability remains fine.

most effective taping for heel pain

The researchers have found that taping gives temporary pain relief but it doesn’t fix the issue permanently. That means, if you are a runner then running with plantar fasciitis tape will help you to increase your running distance but will not fix foot pain for the long run. You have to take other treatments or use other devices to heal plantar fasciitis forever. In this case, a correct pair of shoes and night-splint helps a lot.

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How about KT tape and Rock tape for plantar fasciitis?

While thinking about taping your feet for heel pain or any other foot issues like Metatarsalgia, insteps, or hollow arches then you can firmly rely on both Rock tape and kt tape for plantar fasciitis.

There is a lot of sports and medical tapes available out there that also provide enough support to the feet but they are not able to cure the condition.

plantar fasciitis taping

So, we highly recommend using any of these two, because they are made for this very purpose. On top of that, while suffering from Achilles tendonitis, yet taping heel can facilitate your feet. You can read more from on KT tape.

Does taping plantar fasciitis at night is beneficial?

No, it doesn’t. We never recommend taping your feet at night because taping basically protects your feet from being overstretched and wrong in alignment while getting pressurized.

Hence, using heel pain tape is not that much important while your feet stay idle at night. But yet, it doesn’t hurt anyway.

What is bruised heel taping?

The bruised heel is a bit different than normal heel pain, it’s widely known as fat pad contusion or in some rare cases, it’s also called policeman’s heel. This bruised heel condition is also caused by overuse of heel.

Taping helps to compress soft tissues around the heel area and protects the heel from impact. Check the diagram below for good understanding.

How to tape foot for better arch support?

Besides low-dye taping, you must be a bit technical while trying to provide some additional support to your arches. In case of ensuring better arch support, X-crossing technique really worth trying.


This method is a bit different than the traditional plantar fasciitis taping systems. In the X-crossing technique, the cross point of the two pieces of tapes will take place at the center point of the foot bottom.

This is all about plantar fasciitis taping instructions, for further information you can visit

We have also shared a step by step guide on plantar fasciitis dietary supplements so that you no longer consume inflammatory foods. Consuming the right foods help to cure the condition while wrong foods make it worse day by day.

We’ve collected all the information from the web, spending a ton of time. If it solves your problems then we feel motivated.

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