tiger balm for foot pain

Does Tiger Balm Work for Plantar Fasciitis?

Tiger balm is widely known as an analgesic since ages, it’s basically a cream that can be used to remove different types of aches, such as headaches, joint aches, back pain, neck and shoulder pain etc. Studies shown that tiger balm helps people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis or any other foot pain. It may come in many forms, such as rubs, creams, ointments or adhesive skin patches. The packaging, color or even scents could be different than each other, never get confused by them. So yes, tiger balm is good for foot pain and we highly recommend tiger balm for plantar fasciitis.

Tiger balm for plantar fasciitis, how it works

It contains some active ingredients, methyl salicylate is a strong ingredient which acts as an analgesic and menthol is another mighty ingredient that limits inflammation restricting blood vessels, thus they both cause therapeutic cooling sensation. Additionally, around 3 to 4 percent of camphor is added to it, which eventually helps to increase blood circulation and cool or warm the skin. You can know more about how camphor works. Whenever you need pain inhaler, we recommend tiger balm muscle rub.

Tiger balm ingredients

Besides having above mentioned ingredients, there are some other ingredients that most of the tiger balm are contained with. Such as-

Cajeput oil – cajeput oil is believed to heal pain which comes from cajeput tree.

Clove oil– it’s considered as pain inhaler and found from clove plant. Sometimes clove oil is difficult to find but adds very high values.

Demetholized mint oil – is traditionally well-known from ancient ages as a pain killer.

People also claim that tiger balm is good for musculoskeletal pain removal (deep pain), also works for headaches.

tiger balm for plantar fasciitis

Tiger balm for back pain

Besides working for foot pain it also helps lessen your back pain. What we’ve found in our study is tiger balm mainly considered as an analgesic, so no matter what type of pain you are struggling with you can count on this.

There are also claims that it performs better for headaches and can also works as paracetamol.

Side effects of tiger balm

Though tiger balm offers some excellent pain removal solutions, it also has some side effects.

So before using tiger balm it’s important to be careful. Experts suggest not use in below mentioned situations.

  • Never apply tiger balm on wounded skin
  • Not on inner ears or inside the mouth
  • Avoid sensitive area of the body
  • Don’t use with other balms
  • You can’t take hot water shower within at least 1 hour of applying
does tiger balm work for plantar fasciitis

There are also some other situations when it’s prohibited to be used, for more details visit a registered physician, but in our research we’ve found that it helps to heal plantar fasciitis. So we recommend tiger balm for plantar fasciitis.

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Some people still may doubt and may even have question like, is tiger balm good for plantar fasciitis or does tiger balm helps foot pain? For those of you, I would like to ask you to go to this link for more details. You will get a clearer idea. So if you still have any questions or suggestions for us, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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