The Shoes for High Insteps And High Arches – Buyer’s Guide

This definitive guide will show you everything you need to know about the shoes for high instep and high arch. First of all, I’ll discuss a bit about why the right pair of shoes is crucial for flat-feet and other foot issues. Then I’ll share my own experiences that will definitely help you to remove any foot pain (FAST). So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Millions of people suffer from different foot difficulties all over the world. According to a recent study, 1 out of 20 people suffers from foot difficulties such as- plantar fasciitis, high arches or fallen-arches, hammertoes, heel spurs, and bunions, etc. Wearing a good pair of shoes for high insteps and high arches are always recommended. Read plantar fasciitis sneaker reviews that provide excellent arch support and help to fix high insteps and high arches.

The podiatrist always suggests some regular exercises and wearing the best shoes for high arches. While wearing good arch supportive shoes, it gives your foot proper cushioning footbed and a soft hug to the arches. The high instep is also called Pes Cavus (medical terminology) and Cavoid foot, the high instep is a supinated foot

The high instep is most commonly known as the high arch that is opposite of fallen arch and somewhat less common. The foot sole is distinctly hollow, Pes Cavus or high instep is such an abnormal foot condition.

If you have the high instep or high arch then you are most likely to develop plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is the most common foot problem nowadays. More than 10% of American people suffer from this serious foot problem. Obesity, pregnancy.

We highly recommend you to use the best shoes for high instep and high arch if you have this issue.

Causes of high arch

Most people have got the high arch by born but in some cases, people may develop high arch due to a neurologic disorder or other medical condition, such as cerebral palsy, polio, muscular dystrophy or stroke.

How to understand the condition of high instep or high arch?

Determining a high arch will help you to take corrective actions. If you feel pain in your heel area or around the toes then you should check whether you have a high arch or not. So here are some tips to follow-

  • Feel pain

Generally, the high arch foot feels pain in the heel area and toes as body weight can’t be distributed properly onto the whole foot bottom. Typically, High arches foot feel a heavy weight on heel area and toes.


  • Checking footprint

First of all, get your foot wet in a bathtub then place it on a piece of corrugated cardboard or clean surface so that footprint is visible. Now step back and check your footprint. You can simply perform this test on the wet sand. Look at the image below for better understanding.


  • Podiatrist help

If you can’t understand your foot condition then it’s better to consult a podiatrist. Analyzing your foot and x-rays, a podiatrist can tell you clearly about that.

Features of shoes for high instep and high arch

Before you buy a pair of walking or running shoes for high insteps or high arches, make sure that it has the necessary features and arch supportive mechanism. Some common features are as below-

Proper arch support

As you have a high instep or high arch, your shoes must be designed with the special arch supportive mechanism and cushioning footbed. The insoles must be biomechanically designed and made with the special materials for soft textures. Your foot bottom must get enough cushion when walking or running. We recommend to find the best walking shoes for high arches for men & women. If you are in a heavy workplace then use the best work shoes for high arches.


Shock absorption

High insteps or high arches cause excessive strain on joints and muscles, as it can’t absorb enough shock especially when you perform heavy activities.

So it’s better to search for the shoes that compensate for the lack of natural shock absorption. High arches are helpful in many cases if you feel no difficulties with it.

Removable insoles

The insoles of your shoes have a very high impact on your foot. If the insole doesn’t fit with your foot properly then it’s not going to give proper arch support. So make sure that the insole is removable so that you can change that whenever needed.


Cushioned footbeds

Adequate Cushioning footbed is another important factor to consider before purchasing the best shoes for high arches and standing all day. The good shoes must have the proper cushioning mechanism. Women suffers more from high arches than the men, so we recommend the best women’s shoes for high arches.

Proper insoles

The best insole for high instep and high arch should be curved enough to touch your foot arch for maximum arch support. So check the insoles before you purchase any shoes.

Lightweight and design

The arch supportive shoes must be lightweight and it’s important to avoid heavy weighted shoes. The design should be very clean and simple.

Stress reducing technology

The ideal shoes are specially designed for this purpose only with rocking motion technology to reduce stress on the foot. So we recommend you to read the details very carefully and make sure it has the rocking motion technology.

How high instep is related to plantar fasciitis

High instep and plantar fasciitis is the very close term, as high instep is the pre-stage of plantar fasciitis. If you have a high arch or high instep, you are most likely to develop plantar fasciitis in the near future. So let’s dig a bit deeper on what plantar fasciitis is.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the most common foot problem around the world. Women are most likely to suffer from this painful foot condition. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), 10 % of the people suffer from plantar fasciitis at some points of their lifetime.

When it comes to high arch, more than 20 percent of American diagnosed with the high arch every year. Plantar fasciitis can be caused by aging, obesity, high arches or high insteps, etc.

You can cure plantar fasciitis even without any medication. The best plantar fasciitis shoes are always recommended for sufferers.

But in many cases, sufferers need some medications or stretching exercises. As the high instep is the primary stage of plantar fasciitis, you can heal it very easily just by following some exercises and using the best dress shoes for high arches.

shoes-high instep-high-arch

Exercises to follow

Towel stretch

Sit on the even ground with your injured leg stretched forward and other leg bent over or both stretched forward. Now make a towel loop and put that around your toes. Then slowly pull the towel until you feel stress and hold that condition for 10 to 15 seconds then lose the towel. Repeat this exercise several times a day.

Toe raise

Stand on a hard surface and slowly raise your toes. Hold that for 3 to 5 seconds and slowly lower down. Before doing this exercise, take your shoes off.

Golf ball pick up

It’s a very effective exercise for the high arch and high instep. Leave some golf balls on the floor and a bucket around. Try to pick up those golf balls with your toes and put into the bucket. If you can’t do that first time, try to do it with marble.


Frozen water bottle roll

Get a frozen water bottle and leave it on the floor then place your foot bottom on the bottle. You need to slowly roll the foot bottom on that frozen bottle.

You can increase or decrease pressure as you feel comfortable. We recommend you to do it 10 to 15 minutes twice a day.

It’s very effective for high arch pain relief. Don’t forget to take off your shoes before you do this exercise.

Balance & reach distance movement

Stand in front of a wall keeping it out of your reach. Now stand on your one leg and fold behind your other leg then try to stand on your toe. While you are standing on your toe, try to touch the wall. Repeat it several times a day. We recommend you to try this exercise in the morning. Read more arch support exercises.

When to visit a doctor?

You can easily cure high instep if it’s in the primary stage. If you feel a little bit of pain after walking or running and after awakening from sleep in the morning then you can cure this by simply using the best shoes for high insteps and high arches. You can try our recommended stretching exercises. But in many severe cases, you must consult a podiatrist.

What if it’s too late?

High arch causes serious foot pain, if you don’t take necessary actions timely then there is a higher chance of facing foot injury in the near future. Even you may end up with serious foot surgery.

High arches or high insteps slowly develop plantar fasciitis which is a serious foot problem.

If you don’t treat plantar fasciitis timely, it may develop chronic plantar fasciitis which requires foot surgery in most of the cases.

So it’s always better to cure it in the initial stage. Also, don’t forget to use the best shoes for high arches. We highly suggest the podiatrist recommended sneakers.

Nonsurgical treatments for high arch

If your high arch isn’t in that much worse condition then surgeon always refer to nonsurgical treatments. Such as:

Custom orthotics

Custom made orthotic devices that fit into shoes can fix your high arch difficulties by providing proper cushioning and stability to your footbed. You can try the best shoes for high instep and high arch as these shoes are already incorporated with arch support insoles.


The podiatrists often recommend using a brace on your foot to ensure foot and ankle stability.  Bracing is one of the best solutions for the high arch and it is also useful in managing foot drop.high-arch-support

The special type of shoes

Using a proper pair of shoes is always the best way to cure high arch without any surgical treatment.

High topped shoes ensure ankle support and a wider heel gives your foot stability.

Control body weight

Controlling body weight is another way that heals high arch. So control your body weight to decrease additional stress on feet. If you are a professional runner then you must use good quality high arch running shoes.

Reduce stress on joints and soft tissues

There are hundreds of joints and many soft tissues in a human foot. If these joints and tissues get huge stress due to your regular movement then your high arch will be going to the worse situation gradually. You need to use the best walking shoes for high arches and some orthotic devices for enough support.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy for associated tendonitis is a very effective nonsurgical treatment for the high instep. It works better than any other physical therapy modalities.

Why custom orthotic devices important?

Your foot mechanism is different than others as you have a high arch or high instep. So general shoes won’t fit properly. That’s the reason you need special type high arch shoes or custom orthotic devices.

  • Custom orthotics are made as compared to your foot mechanism so it fits very well with the foot.
  • These are made with shock-absorbing materials, as a result, your foot feels fewer shocks.
  • Orthotics are usually custom made with semi-rigid and flexible functionality that helps prevent the foot from supinating.
  • You can even have orthotics over the counter but that’s less fit and less effective. So we always recommend having a custom-made orthotic.

The Most common questions about high arches


What are the best running shoes for high arches?

Answer: if you have high arch then good arch supportive shoes are always recommended for you. For running purposes, you must be more conscious of the shoes you are using. The best running shoes for high arches must have the anti-shock mechanism and proper cushioning. The heel area should be a bit wider.


what do you do to ease the high arch pain?

Answer: Some stretching exercises is pretty enough to ease the high arch pain. Such as towel stretch, golf ball pick-up, frozen-can-roll, and heel raise.

In the end,

If you have a high arch or high instep then don’t waste your time, we always recommend to use men’s & women’s shoes for high arches.

So we’ve reviewed the best shoes that provide the maximum arch support and proper cushioning to your foot. Click the link above to read our best shoes review.

If you have a question, let me know that simply leaving a comment below. Thank You.

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