best heel height for plantar fasciitis

What is the Best Heel Height for Plantar Fasciitis?

If you are confused about ideal heel height for plantar fasciitis sufferers then this article is for you. When we suffer from plantar fasciitis or heel pain, it’s already confusing that what type of shoes and other healing devices we need. Then again the heel height ranges add another headache to our daily life. So we have done a bit of research on it and found some amazing information that will definitely answer your questions. So I believe you will have a better idea on what’s the best heel height for plantar fasciitis. I would like to encourage you to read this full article carefully. So without any further ado, let’s jump right in.

Women are interested in high heeled shoes to make them look more attractive and gorgeous but most of them don’t even know that it can affect their musculoskeletal system.

Higher heel changes the foot and lower back formation which can be very dangerous in the long run.

So we recommend to follow the ideal heel heights, especially ideal heel to toe drop shoes for plantar fasciitis.

We have compiled some amazing shoes that are very comfy and flexible for plantar fasciitis sufferers. Don’t forget to check that.

Ideal heel height for plantar fasciitis

Now the question is what’s the best heel height for plantar fasciitis, isn’t it? But we have found no specific answer of that question, because it highly depends on your foot type. But in most of the cases 3.5 cm heel height is ideal.

While we give so much importance on how to fix plantar fasciitis, most of the sufferers stay blind about their footwear let alone heel height.

But your foot alignment, walking posture, foot stability, body weight transmission and other factors highly depends on your footwear heel height.

Researchers found in a recent study that while wearing shoes with 7 cm or more heel height, your overall body posture get changed significantly.

The kinematic studies also proved that higher heeled shoes lower the step distance and also reduce step frequencies. It eventually stuck you from being productive in your professional life.

heel to toe drop plantar fasciitis

Furthermore the higher heel also fails to distribute the body weight properly on your feet and increase pressure on forefoot accordingly. In addition to that it increases the risk of ligament breakage due to high pressure on it.

A recent study has revealed that if the heel height is elevated under the heel by 7 cm then footwear loses the functional stability and fails to give proper support.

So 3.5 cm heel height is ideal for all of you who are suffering from plantar fasciitis or any other foot issues, but don’t get me wrong, still it depends on your foot type.

Heel heights can be lower or bigger that 3.5 cm depending upon your foot. Experts suggest heel height to be from 1.5 cm to 4 cm for foot pain sufferers. You can know more about what podiatrist thinks.

High heel for runner or walker

For a regular walker or runner, it’s even more dangerous. Self-balance is a highly considerable issue while running or even walking.

But with higher heeled shoes you are most likely to lose your body balance which may even worsen the foot condition.

You may even experience postural changes when standing and you may also feel back pain wearing high heeled shoes.

So while searching for the best heel height for plantar fasciitis, we suggest to avoid high heel.

If you are a regular walker then check out our walking guides for plantar fasciitis suffers.

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We will be more than happy to reply you. Besides that you can read more about ideal heel height. Thank you.

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