best insoles for running on concrete

Do I need the best insoles for running on concrete?

Whether you are a professional runner or a regular exerciser, you must take it serious that what type of insoles you’ve got inserted in your shoes. A poor quality insole can never give the support your foot requires. So it’s important to have a premium quality insoles if your daily job requires a lot of walking, running or even standing. Most importantly, we highly recommend to go with high quality insoles while running on concrete floor or any sort of rough surfaces. But the problem is finding the right insoles is always difficult and confusing as there are numbers of sellers out there. But don’t worry, I’ll breakdown each and every points step by step of the best insoles for running on concrete.

Proper evaluation needed before buying any insoles for concrete floor

Walking or running for long on concrete floors causes back pain, joints pain, heel pain, sore feet and swollen legs because it’s always hard and uncomfortable.

The concrete floors are constructed hard and rough obviously for our purposes but when it comes to foot comfort then it appears to have some negative sides. That’s why carpet and other soft materials are used to make it comfortable.

But the problem still remains when you visit any public places where the soft carpet is not always available. Fortunately, you can still be comfortable using the best insoles. Sometimes using silicon heel cups also help a lot to mitigate the pain. Read our detailed reviews of top quality silicon heel cups.

While running on concrete or any hard surfaces, besides using the best quality insoles you should use a correct pair of shoes. Most people make mistakes about it, they get very serious on selecting a high quality insoles but put on very poor quality shoes. If your shoes are not supportive then insoles add literally no values. Many people often get confused about usage of hard or soft orthotic inserts. I’ve also published an definitive guide on that you can simply check it here.

So we recommend finding the best quality shoes with maximum support. A supportive pair of shoes with the best quality insoles can give you the maximum protection alike.

How do insoles make our running comfortable on concrete?

Listen, the concrete may not be constructed to be comfortable for walking or running but the insoles are designed keeping the concrete in mind. So you can now run comfortably wearing the best insoles. Learn more about it.

Features of the best insoles for running on concrete

There are some core points you must check. Such as:

  • Softness
  • Firmness
  • Bounce-back capability
  • Enough room for heel placement
  • High Quality foam
  • Gel heel pads
  • Variable cushioning
  • Arch support
  • Dual layer cushioning
  • Optimum shock absorption
best insoles for concrete

When this insole is more important?

Despite being uncomfortable to walk or run on concrete floor it does not injure your healthy feet. But if you are already suffering from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, sore feet or any other foot abnormalities then you must use the best insoles for running on concrete because you are most likely to suffer.

So the bottom line is you must be careful before walking or running on any rough terrains if you already have foot issues. Learn more about the importance of using insoles.

Why do runners need high-quality insoles?

Running is such an activity that puts a lot of pressure on your feet. Runners generally feel so much shock and vibrations on their foot joints while they run or even walk faster.

insoles for hard surfaces

To prevent this situation, a good quality insole protects your feet by adding an additional support. The best insoles for concrete provide enough arch support, heel support, foot stability and most importantly reduce shock and vibration on feet. Hence, using a good insole for running or walking on concrete is crucial.

Before conclusion, I would like to mention that using a right pair of insoles is always a plus but when it comes to walk on concrete floor you must take it serious. Especially if you need to walk or run on concrete very often.

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