The Actual Benefits of No Impact Running Shoes

Today, I’m going to reveal some shocking facts of no impact running shoes. I’ve found these amazing facts during my research. So, I want you to read the article carefully before you buy any running shoes for plantar fasciitis, heel pain, or arch pain.

There are hundreds of shoe brands available in the market nowadays. The problem is all the shoes are not properly designed with good arch support, heel support, and shock absorbing mechanism. That’s the reason we’ve picked no impact running shoes to introduce you. These shoes are biomechanically designed to provide anatomical arch support while running or walking, no matter what kind of terrains you are on. If you are a professional runner then you must be more careful about the pair of shoes you choose.

These shoes also help to remove heel pain, arch pain, and toe pain. Are you suffering from plantar fasciitis, fallen arch, high arch, or any other foot disorders? These shoes help you very effectively. We highly encourage you to read our recommended shoes reviews here.


Importance of no impact running shoes

The shoes we recommend are made with the finest quality materials and some added features to support the foot. The insoles are made with rocking motion technology to reduce extra stress to your arch. These shoes provide properly cushioned footbeds and wider toe boxes.

Also, a special type of foam is used for insoles to absorb shocks. So while searching for the best-cushioned running shoes you rely on our list of no impact running shoes.

no impact running shoes

Special features of no impact running shoes

As these shoes are designed to help the runners it has some special features. Such as-

Arch support

While you walk or run, you feel more pressure on your foot arch, as a result, you feel pain in your foot. So the insoles of no impact running shoes are biomechanically designed to provide enough arch support. After long hours of walking or running, you feel no pain at all.

Stress reduction

Too much stress on foot is another major reason for foot injury. But you have nothing to worry as no impact running shoes are made with rocking motion technology to reduce the extra stress. We also recommend spring-loaded running shoes if you are a professional runner.

Properly cushioned footbed

The no impact running shoes must be incorporated with soft cushioning footbeds. Your foot is the basement of your body, so it’s more important to strengthen the basement. As a result, we highly recommend you wearing best-cushioned running shoes if you are a heavy runner.

spring loaded shoes

Shock absorption

The foot receives a lot of shocks while we are running or walking. This shocking is very harmful if you have plantar fasciitis or heel pain. Any foot difficulties get to the worse stage gradually due to too much stress or shocks. The best-cushioned running shoes have an excellent capability to reduce the shocks.

Special insoles

The insoles of our recommended shoes are made with the special type of foam and arch supportive mechanism. The insoles are biomechanically designed for the anatomical arch support.

Additional shocks are reduced due to special materials used in the insoles. Sometimes we prefer custom-made insoles rather than over the counter insoles.

Custom made insoles are very much effective to provide better arch support. Most noteworthily, the best plantar fasciitis shoes are already made with better arch support insoles.plantar fasciitis insoles

No impact running shoes for sports and exercises

If you are a sports lover that has a lot of impact on your foot like jumping, running or playing basketball then you must be more careful about the pair of shoes you wear.

If you go with exercises regularly like jogging, walking or weight pull up, you must be more serious about your shoes. No impact running shoes have been intentionally designed to eliminate the bad impact on your foot.

If you keep using your old pair of shoes, you may face serious foot difficulties (even chronic plantar fasciitis) in the future, as these shoes have a lot of impact on your foot during running or any other exercises.

So we recommend you to change your old pair of shoes as soon as possible. While suffering from plantar fasciitis or any other foot issues, your shoes must be replaced by a new one after every 600 miles of usage.

best cushioned running shoes

Special instructions to runners

If you are a professional runner, you are at high risk of developing foot problems (plantar fasciitis, heel pain. Toe pain, heel spur, etc.) if you don’t have the right pair of running shoes.

When you start running, your arch, heel, and toes get a lot of pressures, so it’s very important to reduce these pressures. But that’s not so easy to do until you wear the best-cushioned running shoes.

The burning issue is all the running shoes don’t have proper cushioning footbed and better arch support. So we reviewed the top 11 best plantar fasciitis shoes which have almost no impact on your foot.

Foot health concern

Human foot works as the pillar or basement of the body, so if a pillar or basement of a building is weak then the whole building is going to be collapsed someday.

That’s the reason it’s very important to take care of our foot health. If you are a professional runner or a person who exercises regularly, then you must be concerned about your foot health.

We highly recommend you to wear cute shoes with arch support and foot specialist suggested shoes to remove any foot problems.

If you have any foot difficulties like heel pain, toe pain or arch pain, consult a foot specialist quickly. If you neglect any of the symptoms then you may develop plantar fasciitis (a serious foot disorder).

womens cushioned running shoes

Which running shoes provide the least impact on your foot?


There are hundreds of brands in the market nowadays, unfortunately, most of them produce low-quality running shoes. If you are a professional runner or regular walker then we recommend you to check our recommendations here.

Now you have a proper idea on what type of shoes are better for running or other exercises to protect your foot. Once a foot disorder comes, it’s very tough to heal, that’s why we always recommend having pre-consciousness about your foot health. So, don’t waste your time thinking, no impact running shoes always worth buying.

If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to leave a comment below. I’m more than willing to hear from you. Thank You.

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