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Millions of people suffer from plantar fasciitis every year. Plantar fascia tissue (ligament) is highly responsible for this painful foot disorder. Women are most likely to suffer from at some points of their lifetime. A recent study has shown that more than 10 percent of American people suffer from plantar fasciitis each year. There is a lot of reasons that may cause plantar fasciitis such as obesity, pregnancy, high arch, flat feet, heel spurs, and some others. Even in some rare cases, the reasons remain fully unknown. Many foot specialists agree that a proper pair of shoes helps a lot to heal plantar fasciitis. We have reviewed the 11 ultimate best shoes and found gravity defyer shoes for plantar fasciitis as the winner. We encourage you to read that shoe reviews here while suffering from plantar fasciitis.

gravity defyer shoes for plantar fasciitis

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis

Foot pain

The most common symptom is foot pain especially in the heel area during the first few steps in the morning after awakening from sleep. You may also feel pain after exercises, running, walking or even after standing for long hours. So if you feel foot pain, don’t ignore that. We recommend gravity defyer work shoes for heavy exercises.gravity defyer womens shoes

Feel pain after the action

If you go for exercises like weight pulling, running or jumping, you feel no pain during those activities, but after completion.

Heel stiffness

You may feel heel stiffness during climbing the stairs and it may feel like so harder to climb.

Special features of defyer shoes for plantar fasciitis

Arch support

When you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, you must wear supportive shoes to ensure adequate arch support. The gravity defyer shoes are biomechanically designed to ensure anatomical arch support.

So before you buy any plantar fasciitis shoes, we recommend checking gravity defyer shoe catalog. Asics shoes also work fine to ensure better arch support, read more about Asics shoes.

Reinforced heel cup

The heel cups of Gravity Defyer shoes are designed in a special way to stabilize the heel area. The plantar fasciitis affected foot must have proper heel support, else it may get to the worse stage day by day.

AVS3 cooling system

Gravity Defyer shoes use the AVS3 cooling system, so your foot never feels irritating. This system is used in almost every pair of plantar fasciitis shoes produced by gravity defyer.

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Wider toe boxes

A wider toe box is very important for plantar fasciitis sufferers. The toes must get enough space to move easily. That’s why gravity defyer shoes come with roomier toe boxes. We highly encourage you to check the shoe specifications carefully before you buy them.

Mid-foot stability

The gravity defyer shoes come with virtual shanking for mid-foot stability and control.

Special sole

Gravity Defyer shoes come with VS-2 VersoShock reverse trampoline sole with shock absorbing capability. The soles are made with special quality to provide max support to the foot arch. So if you are looking for the best plantar fasciitis shoes then gravity defyer shoes must be in the top of your list.plantar fasciitis insoles

Do I need to visit a podiatrist?

Plantar fasciitis is a self-healing foot disorder which means you can heal plantar fasciitis without any kind of medications or even physical therapies. Using the right pair of shoes and following some home stretches in the early stage, you can easily cure this painful foot condition. But in some extreme cases, you may experience no improvement or if it’s too late to take action then the home stretches and shoes aren’t enough.

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We highly recommend you to visit a podiatrist as early as possible before you develop a chronic condition.

The chronic plantar fasciitis is the worst stage of it and requires foot surgery in most of the cases. Click here to read about podiatrist recommended sneakers.

Other recommendations for plantar fasciitis

It’s very crucial to do some home exercises to heal plantar fasciitis. Regular home exercises release foot pain immediately and improve foot condition gradually. Some of the most common foot exercises are as below:

Golf-ball pick-up

We want you to leave some golf balls on the floor and a bowl around then try to pull those balls with your toes and drop into the nearby bowl. If it’s so tough to do then try it with marble first. This is very effective to remove arch pain.

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Calf stretch

Stand in front of a wall and touch that wall at your relaxing distance with your both pumps. Keep your left leg bent forward and right leg straight behind with the heel on the ground. Now slowly keep closing your body toward the wall until you feel stress in your calf. We want you to repeat this 15 to 20 times a day.gravity defyer shoes catalog

Icing foot

Ice therapy is very effective for instant pain removal and helps the long-term healing process. You can apply frozen ice on the affected area or sink your foot into the cold water. Icing works like magic for instant pain release. It’s better to avoid applying ice directly.

Sand walking

We recommend walking on dessert or beach. Sand walking helps a lot to heal plantar fasciitis. It applies more stress to the toes, arch, heel, and calf area than smooth ground walking. We recommend 20 to 25 minutes daily sand walking.sand walking

FAQ about gravity defyer shoes for plantar fasciitis


Is the gravity defyer significantly better than other shoes?

Answer: If you are looking for the shoes that help plantar fasciitis then gravity defyer is always better for you. The gravity defyer shoes are intentionally designed with some added features to support your foot. You can read more about plantar fasciitis shoes from

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Does gravity defyer shoes work for plantar fasciitis?

Answer: there are hundreds of shoe brands available out there but all the shoes don’t perform equal to heal plantar fasciitis. The Gravity Defyer shoes are designed with some additional features to provide enough support to the affected foot.

So we want you to check gravity defyer shoe review. Gravity Defyer women’s shoes are proudly recommended for pregnancy period.

So if you want to buy gravity defyer shoes or read more about it, we appreciate clicking the link above. We have reviewed 11 of the best plantar fasciitis shoes and gravity defyer is one of them. Please let us know your feedback by commenting below. I am always happy to hear from you. Thank you!

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