How can golfers toe pain be alleviated quickly?

An avid golfer always receives a ton of stress on his feet although golf is not a rigorous sport. Strolling around the course for long hours and repeated follow-through swinging can lead to a foot condition known as Hallux-limitus. At the time of swinging, golfers overextend their big-toe, as a result, it leads to jamming and deterioration of big toe joint (metatarsal). Golfers who have toe pain or swelling, or have less mobility of the toe joint, they should take the issues seriously. If any golfer continues to play golf avidly with big toe jamming and deterioration, he is most likely to end up with foot surgery. So before you wear out the cartilage and develop painful arthritis, take the proper initiative. We recommend you to visit a podiatric physician and wear a wider toe boxes golf shoes. Golfers toe pain can easily be alleviated with the proper pair of golf shoes. Read more about the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis and toe pain. We have reviewed top 5 of the best golf shoes to alleviate big toe pain.

golfers toe pain
toe pain

How do wide toe-boxes shoes help?

Well, the answer is very simple but before I give you the answer, let’s talk a little bit of toes movement. When you swing, your back foot toe get overextended and so much stressed, right? If toes can move easily into the shoes toe boxes then toe joint feels flexible and less stressed. On the other hand, if you wear very narrow fit shoes with tight toe boxes, toes movement becomes harder, thus toe pain increases and eventually lead to a chronic foot condition. So the golfers with toe pain must use the best golf shoes for arthritic feet.

Hallux limitus golf

It’s a condition of big toe stiff means decreased motion of toe joint. When you have the less mobility of toe joint then this condition is characterized by Hallux-limitus. Avid golfers continuous strolling and repeated swing can lead to this condition. Hallux-limitus golf refers to playing with the toe pain. Many of us think that they can’t play golf as they have toe pain. But you can do it if you have an extra layer of toe protection. All you need is just a wider toe boxes golf shoes. Golfers with toe pain are longer handicapped.

best golf shoes for arthritic feet
Big toe inflammation

Best golf shoes for arthritic feet

If you have toe pain for a few years then this may develop painful arthritis. Hundreds of thousands of avid golfers suffer from toe joint pain at some point of their lifetime. If they don’t take care of that pain immediately, toe pain turns into serious arthritis. So we have found some foot pain alleviating golf shoes which can help to alleviate arthritic pain easily. Check out our reviews on the best golf shoes.

Golfers turf toe

Turf toe is a condition of big toe joint sprain resulting from excessive upward bending of the big toe during sports activities such as jumping, running, and golfing. The avid golfers repeatedly overextend their toes as a result, they are most likely to suffer from turf toe condition. If you are a turf toe golfer then use a proper pair of supportive golf shoes for metatarsal protection.

foot pain golf shoes

Sore achilles golf

Golfers ankle injuries are Achilles tendon in most cases because the calf muscle which connects the heel area puts the highest stress on Achilles during the upward motion of body at the point of swinging the ball. So Achilles support is mandatory for golfers. Now the question is how to get enough Achilles support, right? A good pair of golf shoes can provide better Achilles support.

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So if you are an avid golfer suffering from toe pain (Hallux limitus), outside foot pain from golf and looking for metatarsalgia golf shoes, turf toe golf shoes or sore Achilles golf shoes then we highly encourage you to pick a pair of shoes from our recommendations. The golfers with toe pain are no longer handicapped as long as they wear the right pair of golf shoes.

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