The Best Golf Shoes With Arch Support

Golf is an exerting game for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Golf lovers are always excited to stroll around the course every single day. Unfortunately, some people can’t walk around the course for long hours due to foot arch pain. If you have fallen arch or high arches then golfing is ten times harder for you as it requires a lot of walking and standing. It also hurts while you stroke and stretch your foot. So arch pain is definitely an annoying situation for the golfers. But did you know that you could easily overcome this situation wearing the best golf shoes with arch support and cushioned footbeds? I have reviewed the top 5 absolute best golf shoes those are good for arch pain, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis.


Why You Need Better Arch Support?

Well, foot works as the pillar of a human body and carries out all the body weight then distribute that weight equally on the ground. When you have fallen or high arches then it can’t redistribute the body weight properly, thus arch pain arises due to imbalanced weight distribution.

A ton of foot difficulties may arise if you leave arch pain untreated for long times. Now maybe, you are thinking, how a shoe provides better arch support, right?

Well, the answer is pretty simple, not all the golf shoes help but some selected shoes are designed for this special purpose. I’ve also had the same sad experience a few years ago, tried dozens of dozens of things to get rid of it but noticed a very little betterment.

So I can save you a lot of times and tell you the things you exactly need. Without any further thoughts, I recommend you to try any of our recommended shoes.

best mens waterproof golf shoes

Difference between high arch and fallen arch:

Both fallen and high arches are the abnormal states which interrupt regular activities such as walking, running, exercising, and even sports activities.

But in many cases, the people with fallen or high arches face no discomfort at all. So it partially depends on some other factors. High arch (Pes Cavus) is an arch which is a bit hollow than a normal arch.

It looks like there is an empty space at the foot bottom. Fallen arch (Flat feet) is opposite of high arch. For better understanding, have a look to the image below.

best golf shoes for orthotics

Specialties of the best golf shoes with arch support

As we have mentioned earlier that our recommended shoes are made for this very purpose with quality raw materials for better arch support. These are also equipped with supportive insoles for comfortable foot movement. So few of our shoes specialties are as below:

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Special insoles

Whenever you need arch supportive shoes, the first thing you need to ensure is a good insole. If you got a very hollow arch then the insoles must be with the upward wave.

If not, then it’s not going to support your arch. In the case of flat feet or fallen arch, the design must be different. So we recommend checking the insoles properly before you buy them.

It’s also important to give a trial for comfortability. If it’s comfortable enough then that’s the right pair for you.

best spikeless golf shoes 2019

Wide toe boxes

All of our recommended shoes are made with wider toe boxes for flexibility and smoother toes movement while strolling around the course and swinging the ball.

Golfers toe pain is a common foot disorder among golf lovers. So if you have any sort of toes issues then you need these wide toe boxes golf shoes.

Many of us have wide feet, we must try the best golf shoes for wide feet and you find it in our list. Check the link above.

Cushioned footbeds

All of our recommended shoes have the proper cushioning mechanism and they are made with special type of synthetic materials which make your walk more easy and flexible.

Arch support fully depends on the footbed type. The footbeds must be equipped with a special type of shock absorbing materials and supportive orthotics.

So if you are looking for lightweight cushioning and premium responsiveness golf shoes then check our link above without any further thinking.

Synthetic sole

Our selected shoes come with premium quality synthetic soles which reduce additional shocks and provide better traction. To avoid excessive stress on foot arch, soles should be engineered properly.


When you are looking for the best golf shoes with arch support, you must ensure that the shoe is lightweight and not awkward design. Choose a very simple pair with proper insoles, wide toe boxes, cushioning footbeds, and simple design. That’s all you need to remove arch pain.

From you can know more about golf shoes for foot pain.

Best golf shoes for wide feet

Do you have very wide feet? if the answer is yes, read this portion very carefully as you can’t wear usual shoes like other people doing.

If you keep using the same pair of golf shoes that you wear right now, the brutal truth is you are going to face foot difficulty in the near future.

So you must avoid narrow fit shoes, try the best golf shoes with arch support instead.

We have reviewed the proper golf shoes for wide feet, click the link above to read more on that topic.

Best golf shoes for heel pain

You have plantar fasciitis or very annoying heel pain, right? Don’t worry. Heel pain or plantar fasciitis is no longer a barrier for golfers. All you need is to invest a little bit of money into the best pair of golf shoes with maximum heel support.

A wide heel base is mandatory for the people who have heel pain but unfortunately, most of the golf shoes aren’t made that way.

So we have selected some of the best golf shoes with arch support and knee support which have a very wider heel base.

Check our list for the best golf shoes with arch support and heel support.

best womens golf shoes for knee pain 2019

Best golf shoes for knee pain

If you have knee pain and it holds you back from golfing then it’s the great news for you. We have discovered a great pair of golf shoe that can easily remove your knee pain.

The podiatrists always recommend wearing such a pair of shoes which have perfectly designed heel cup for natural heel alignment. Abnormal heel alignment is highly responsible for knee pain.


So without wasting more time, get the best golf shoes with arch support. To read our details review of golf shoes, click the link above and don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions. Read more about arch support. Thank You!

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